Sunday, October 30, 2011

halloween party food

we had our halloween party last night. the kids are big fans because they get to dress up and run around like crazy and enjoy yummy party foods.

the one time they were all calm, at the table eating dinner.

for this special occasion, i put together a few things.

on the menu was:
-rice with roasted veggies
-mummy dogs (for the kids)
-a veggie tray with hummus
-chips & dip
-tortilla chips with salsa
-bucket of candy

i made these mummy dogs today for myself.

aren't they cute? found the recipe in the coupons from the sunday paper. just use veggie dogs and vegan crescent roll dough. cut the dough into strips and wrap the dogs. bake at 375 degrees F for 14 minutes. then dot on eyes using mustard and a toothpick.

this pumpkin cornbread was made on friday evening. the recipe can be found at the edible perspective. my only changes to the recipe were using regular flour and coconut flour in place of the buckwheat and corn flours. turned out incredible!

ahhh comforting and simple. i knew i was going to need a meal to satisfy the adults at the party. so what better way to go than to serve rice and vegetables.

i didn't dress up this year. but since hannah was being stubborn and refusing to put on the wings to go with her costume, i stole them for myself.

happy halloween!!!


  1. The mummy dogs look so adorable! :)

  2. Those mummy dogs are so cute! I'm sure the kids loved them. Have a good Halloween!

  3. Lovely creations and party! I wish I could celebrate that day...