Wednesday, October 12, 2011

wiaw II

happy wednesday!

leftover rice.

leftover wheat berry salad that was made for hannah's party.

pieces of carrot with white bean dip.

slice of fresh ( & still warm ) bread with peanut butter.

pasta with red sauce and veggie "meat"balls.


  1. See, I can never eat anything savory for breakfast. In fact, I admire that you can eat rice leftovers to break your fast. I want to be able to do that but I literally crave a little something sweet every morning. Have you always been like that? Lucky...

  2. I do savory for breakfast a lot too. One of my favorites is actually caesar salad w/white beans. Your "meat"balls look fab! I could handle that for breakfast.

  3. Those "meat" balls look great! I've had mixed results with bean ball type recipes. Sometimes they work great, other times they fall apart.

  4. fork - yes i have always enjoyed savory for breakfast. i remember years ago heating up leftover pizza first thing in the morning. i can't explain why i like it so much. don't get me wrong though, i enjoy pancakes in the AM just as much ;D

    dawn - so you actually make salad for breakfast? see, salad is probably taking it too far for me :p

    rachel - yes and it's so annoying when they fall apart! i was so worried about these ones because the dough was so soft, but they surprisingly held up!