Monday, December 12, 2011

seeing green

ok. so.

as i said in my last post. i'm going raw. not completely, but mostly (hopefully).

enter the green smoothie:

i have a feeling i'm going to be making a lot of these ;) the taste is a little funky as i'm not used to them yet. i've had only a few before. the one pictured was made with a partially frozen banana (i was impatient), a non-frozen banana, a large handful of spinach, some water, frozen cranberries, and chia seeds.
the one this morning, which i didn't take a photo of because it looked pretty much exactly the same as the one above, was made with a banana, hemp milk, handful of spinach, chia seeds, and frozen strawberries.

my poor cuisinart food processor got a lot of action today. i felt bad for it. it's not used to it. but a couple weeks ago, i broke my ninja! i was processing dates and they must have been too hard or something because suddenly the motor was smoking. i freaked and unplugged it. sadly it had to go in the trash. soon i'll be buying a new ninja, an even better one, and i'm so excited.

raw tabbouleh, anyone?

oh yes please. my second new favorite food. it's actually quite delicious! see instead of bulgar wheat, you use cauliflower! amazing! recipe was found here. the original recipe seems to call for powdered sugar, which i omitted. this tastes lovely and very close to tabbouleh made with bulgar :)

oh yes, one more amazing discovery i made just yesterday, and also my first new favorite food. raw falafel. didn't know this was possible lol. didn't even require a dehydrator, which i do not have. so yay!

original recipe found here. i didn't use maca powder, and subbed almond butter for tahini. worked great! and also, no cilantro. can't stand the stuff. used parsley instead ;)

i'm really happy with the way the day turned out for me. no, it wasn't 100% raw but like i said before, i'm fine with that. i am just happy that i now have delicious ways to get in more vegetables and make them taste good raw!

i'm also really happy that there is leftover tabbouleh and falafel in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch ;D


  1. Raw falafel and tabbouleh? How cool! Raw recipes are so creative.
    I'm on the fence about green smoothies too. Sometimes they're delicious, other times not so much. I tend to use romaine since it's milder than spinach.

  2. you gotta try that falafel! :)